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Triangle Meatless Monday Welcomes You

Meatless Monday is an international non-profit initiative established to encourage healthier and more sustainable eating, one step at a time.

Triangle Meatless Monday (TMM) is our local version of the initiative, inviting everyone to try meat-free dishes each Monday. The program philosophy is one of choice: participants can choose meat-free meals, restaurants choose to offer a meatless dish, and schools or the government choose to participate.

You can participate in three main ways -- all free:

1. Individuals: By pledging, you will receive a free starter pack to get you going, complete with easy recipes and health tips.

2. Restaurants: Join the 50+ other Triangle participating locations by offering a plant-based meal and receiving free promotions by us and your happy customers. Contact us to get started.

3. Businesses, schools, or government offices: Contact us to get help implementing Meatless Monday at your location(s). It's easy, and you'll be joining countless others.


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