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A look back at 2014
6th Jan


TMM volunteers at Earth Day 2014

A look back at 2014

Triangle Meatless Monday in 2014 (in a nutshell!)

How we worked to help our community try meat-free Mondays in 2014

In 2014, TMM tabled at six local festivals, providing over 4,000 plant-based food samples and information on meat reduction to 3,000 people at these festivals. In addition, we welcomed 428 new pledgers who want to try meat-free Mondays!

We probably met you at a festival?

Triangle Meatless Monday believes that it’s important to meet and interact with our community. This year, we were present at six local festivals. Any that we’re missing out on for the future? Invite us to your festival!

  1. Durham PRIDE (co-hosted with Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge)
  2. Durham’s Bimbe Festival
  3. Out! Raleigh (co-hosted with Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge)
  4. Durham’s Earth Day Festival
  5. The Raleigh Health Fair
  6. Durham Latino Festival

In addition, we grew. In 2014, we…

TMM volunteers handing out samples at Durham Earth Day festival 2014

TMM volunteers taking pledges and handing out samples at Durham Earth Day festival 2014

  • Signed up a total of 428 new individuals pledging to go meat-free on Mondays, growing our pledges to over 2,000 people trying meat-free meals on Mondays
  • Were featured in eight articles and one television show as part of co-sponsoring the Bull City Vegan Challenge
  • Installed Vegetarian/Vegan Starter Guide displays in 16 Durham locations including the Durham County libraries, the Parlour, the Downtown Durham and American Tobacco YMCAs, and more
  • Sent over 2,000 pledgers near-monthly newsletters with recipes and plant-based meal ideas
  • Provided over 100 tips on social media about incorporating more meat-free meals
  • Grew to 785 followers on Facebook
  • Held quarterly giveaways of vegan cookbooks and gift certificates to local vegan-friendly restaurants
  • Began discussions with the national Meatless Monday movement and the Humane Society of the United States about incorporating Meatless Monday options in our local schools
  • Launched a new user-friendly website
  • Held a volunteer appreciation party and Bull City Vegan Challenge after-party
  • Co-hosted (with Triangle Vegetarian Society and Humane Carolina) notable author and founder of the Humane League, Nick Cooney
  • Added 6 new restaurants as “Triangle Meatless Monday” participants offering plant-based meal options


TMM organizers announcing the winners of the 2014 #eatvotelove challenge

Leeanne and Eleni (two of the TMM organizers) announcing winners for #eatvotelove aka Bull City Vegan (chef) Challenge 2014. Wearing heart-shaped glasses to match occasion.

Triangle Meatless Monday was proud to co-sponsor the 3rd Bull City Vegan Chef Challenge.  Hundreds of people poured into six local restaurants to partake in the challenge. As a result, several restaurants saw the need for plant-based foods and either retained or added plant-based options to their menus.  In fact, Dos Perros hosted 2 subsequent events that were completely vegan!

Dos Perros entree by Dragana Lassiter

Dos Perros entree by Dragana Lassiter


dragana lassiter

Winning cupcake from The Cupcake Bar (photo by Dragana Lassiter)


#eatvotelove organizers & bull


Thank YOU for being a part of the this ever-growing movement

Thank you to the volunteers who made all of this good work possible and clocking in at over 152 volunteer hours at festivals and over 300 total for the year!

Huge thanks also to VegFund for supporting our food outreach this year – providing the funds and resources!  You can check out VegFund and their good work here:

Also big thanks to Bull City Bucks, who co-sponsored the Bull City Vegan Challenge with us, and the participating restaurants: Taberna Tapas, Beyu Caffe, The Parlour, the Refectory, The Cupcake Bar, Hummingbird Bakery, and Parts & Labor (Motorco).

We could not have installed the Veg Starter guides throughout town without the support of the excellent Humane League of Charlotte – thank you for the guides and stands! We also appreciate the locations carrying the Veg Starter kits.

The national Meatless Mondays group and the Humane Society’s Meatless Monday program has been a tremendous support and great source of connections to help grow the movement this year.

How can I get involved in 2015? Here are six easy ways.

There are countless ways you can help add more veggies to plates in the Triangle, from promoting a Meatless Monday option at your workplace to your child’s school, to simply encouraging your family and friends to pledge to try meatless on Mondays. Here are a few ways – feel free to suggest others!

  1. Interested in healthy options for kids? Help us start Meatless Monday in local schools.
  2. Want to join the 50 other Triangle restaurants and get your restaurant on board?
  3. High traffic business with health-savvy customers? We’d love to give you some free Veg Starter guides.
  4. Want tips on trying more meat-free meals? Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.
  5. Interested in providing plant-based foods/goods for one of our giveaways?
  6. Want to promote Meatless Monday in your workplace?

Get in touch!

Volunteers giving out meat-free food at Durham’s Bimbe


Sample feedback from TMM participants:

  • “I applaud your efforts – this is a great program.”
  • “TMM has helped me go meat-free on Mondays with recipes and information. Thank you!”

Has Triangle Meatless Mondays helped you? What new meatless meals have you tried? Comment below.
Thank you everyone for your support and participation! Onward to 2015.