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Bull City Vegan Challenge Week 1: What a start!
8th Apr


April 1 wasn’t April Fool’s day for those of us wanting to eat plant-based meals at Durham restaurants. After salivating over photos of challenge dishes on our website taken by our excellent volunteer photographer Dragana ...

26th Dec



New Year’s Resolution: More Veggies? You can take your Meatless Mondays one step further this January and pledge to try plant-based meals all month long and receive help every step of the way. At, find helpful ...

1st Apr


Pledge and Enter to Win a Fiction Kitchen Gift Certificate and Cookbook! It’s time to celebrate Earth Day as well as the second anniversary of Triangle Meatless Monday! We are proud of all of you that have pledged to go meatless, ...

1st Nov


The giveaway has ended and we are happy to announce that Robin Seitz will now be the proud new owner of The Vegan Slow Cooker! Congratulations Robin! Thank you everyone for your participation by pledging and entering the giveaway. We ...

1st Apr


Happy Anniversary: Have a (Meat-free) Dinner Date on Us! On Earth Day, April 22, 2012, Triangle Meatless Monday turns one year old! In celebration of our anniversary, we are excited to announce a new giveaway contest – with not just ...

1st Feb


It is that time of year again where we all dream of love…..and to honor our love for our pledges, we are happy to announce another giveaway! One lucky winner will get two awesome prizes. A voucher for an organic bottle of wine ...