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Durham Proclaims Mondays as Meatless Mondays!

proclamation_homeDurham’s County Commissioners officially proclaimed Mondays as “Meatless Monday” at their monthly board meeting on Monday, June 13th, 2011. The Chairman read the entire proclamation as seen here. In summary, the proclamation states that Durham citizens do not eat enough whole grains, vegetables, and fruits, which affects both their health and the health of the environment. Meatless Monday encourages Durham citizens to explore healthy diets and replace animal products with a wide variety of tasty plant-based meals each Monday.

In attendance was Durham’s Sustainability Manager, Tobin Freid, who spearheaded the idea of bringing Meatless Monday to the Triangle. Ms. Freid introduced one of the main organizers of Triangle Meatless Monday, Eleni Vlachos, who addressed the Board, introduced several other key volunteers, and encouraged residents to pledge to give meatless meals a try one day a week by frequenting participating restaurants and trying meatless meals at home. The room offered a round of applause to the volunteers, and the Board thanked everyone for creatively encouraging healthier eating.

Thank you Durham! We hope that other local communities in the Triangle follow your lead.

Durham Meatless Monday Procolamation

Co-coordinators of TMM, Leeanne and Eleni, show off the Durham Proclamation


Chapel Hill Proclaims Mondays as Meatless Mondays!

The Town of Chapel Hill proclaims September 2011 as “Meatless Monday” month. TMM co-organizer Leeanne accepts the proclamation from Mayoral Aide Mark. Download the proclamation here.