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Pledge-olution Contest
Written by Brenda   

Pledge Your Resolution: Pledge-olution

UPDATE: The pledge-olution has closed and the winners have been chosen! Congratulations to Allie Mullen for winning the Grand prize and Laura Ades for winning the Karma prize. Thank you to all who entered our contest and pledged to go Meatless on Mondays!



The Contest

Triangle Meatless Monday (TMM) is inviting you to enter to win some incredible prizes by making one simple New Year’s resolution: Pledge to go meatless on Mondays in 2012.

This contest presents a fun way to participate in a growing movement of people who are reducing the amount of animal products in their diets. People eat meat-free meals for a variety of reasons: environmental, to protest conditions on factory farms, for animals, to enhance health, or taste preference. We want to make that choice easier, regardless of the reason!

New Year’s resolutions reportedly do not work.1,2 But TMM organizers are not convinced, and have put together two separate prize packs to show you that your resolution can stick. There are two chances to win:

  1. Grand Prize: Not meatless on Monday yet? Pledge to go meatless for the Mondays of 2012 on, and simply write “Pledge-olution” in the “Name of person who referred you” field to be entered to win the Grand prize. (If you were referred by someone to pledge, enter their name next to “Pledge-olution” so they can be entered to win the Karma prize!)
  2. Karma Prize: Already meatless on Monday, or vegetarian/vegan? Refer someone who is not meatless on Monday to pledge at Your referrals simply list your name where indicated on the Pledge form. You are then entered to win the Karma prize.

Enter your pledge by Sunday January 8th, 2012 at 11:59pm. The two winners will be randomly selected and announced on Monday, January 9th on

The Prizes!

TMM is offering the following “failure-proof” prizes to make your resolution one that sticks. Thank you to all of our sponsors!

Grand Prize: The Grand prize makes meatless Mondays as easy as possible by covering all bases: eating out, cooking, social activity, relaxation, and more. Pledge to go meatless on Mondays in 2012 and be entered to win:

  • Gourmet dinner for two donated by Solas in Raleigh: Enjoy fancy vegan contemporary cuisine in the heart of Raleigh’s Glenwood South district
  • Personal cooking session with local chef Caroline Morrison of Fiction Kitchen
  • Copy of Forks Over Knives, a recent award-winning documentary critic Roger Ebert wrote can “save your life”
  • Two free passes to the popular Fiction Kitchen vegan brunch
  • Acclaimed “ultimate vegan cookbook” Veganomicon
  • MRE (meals ready to eat): If the world ends in 2012 as speculated by some due to the Mayan calendar,3 you are covered with this quick veg meal with a built-in warmer. If not, this MRE has an 8-year shelf-life
  • Dues paid for a year of social outings with the Triangle Veg Meetup and Triangle Veg Society (you do not need to be vegetarian to enjoy the good food and company!)

Karma Prize: The Karma prize wants you to be happy just because you referred someone, but recognizes that you cannot eat or drink Karma. Refer someone to pledge to go meatless on Mondays in 2012 and be entered to win:

  • $25 gift certificate to Pangea, Herbivore, or Vegan Essentials (your choice) -- online shopping experiences filled with cruelty-free foods and/or products
  • Massage at Nataraja Healing Arts in Durham
  • Local show of your choice and Soy White Russian (or other drink) at the Pinhook in Durham
  • Locally authored cookbook Vegan Slow Cooker

How to Play – Join the Pledge-olution!

Now you know the prizes: here is how you can enter to win.

  • Pledge! Not yet meatless on Monday? Pledge and write both Pledge-olutionand the name of who referred you (if applicable) in the “Name of person who referred you” section of the pledge form at
  • Refer and win. Already meatless on Monday? You are eligible to win the Karma prize. Refer someone and be entered win.
  • Share! Post your pledge and the contest on Facebook and/or Twitter, including @trianglemm, #pledgeolution, and in your posts. You can see how many others are entering by searching for #pledgeolution on Twitter. See examples below!
  • Win! We will announce Grand Prize and Karma winners on on January 9th. ‘Like’ us to follow the contest.

The contest begins on December 19th and runs through January 8th. Helpful resources for exploring meat-free alternatives are available online at:

Sharing and Posting Your Pledge-olution and the Contest

Participants are asked to share by posting and tweeting their pledges (and the contest) using suggested #pledgeolution, @trianglemm, #triangle, and #meatlessmonday tags.

Sample Tweet

Pledgers: Hey @trianglemm- I made a #pledgeolution at to try #meatlessmonday in 2012! #triangle

Referrers: Pledge to try #meatlessmonday @trianglemm and list me as your referral – we both can win! #pledgeolution at

Sample Facebook Post

Pledgers: I just entered to win the @trianglemm Pledge-olution contest by making a New Year’s resolution to try meatless Mondays in 2012 by pledging here:

Referrers: Pledge your New Year’s resolution @trianglemm to try meatless meals on Mondays in 2012 and list me as your referral – we both can win! Pledge here:



Pledge-olution Contest
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