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Bull City Vegan Challenge 2014 #eatvotelove
29th Jan


Bull City Vegan Challenge 2014 #eatvotelove

Triangle Meatless Monday and Bull City BUCK$ present the 3rd Bull City Vegan Challenge:

❤ Vegan Love Challenge: Eat.Vote.Love. ❤

Bull City Vegan Love ChallengeFebruary 1st – 28th, 2014

Who says love should only be celebrated one day of the year? Six restaurants are competing to see who can dish up the best love, in the form of a creative vegan entree and dessert, the entire month of February. (Two additional locations are participating in the dessert competition only.)
Is it love of Durham? Unrequited love? The love of a new romance? Or just love of…yourself? Perhaps it is agape, meaning unconditional love in ancient Greek. No matter which love, local chefs will be creating their best assemblage of love, and you, dear diner, must select the loveliest. Patrons receive bonus points from local loyalty program Bull City BUCK$ for ordering the “love” dish during the month of February. See below for prizes you can win just for participating.

Click here to cast your votes!
UPDATE: here is the list of winners announced at the After-party on March 15!


Competing Restaurants (click each for details)

Beyu Caffe

Parts & Labor (Motorco)

Dos Perros


The Refectory Cafe

Hummingbird Bakery

Taberna Tapas

The Cupcake Bar
(dessert competition only)


The Parlour
(dessert competition only)

How do I participate?

It’s easy. Go to the participating restaurants throughout February. Eat, share the love, and vote.

  • GO to one of the participating restaurants. Be sure to “scan” the promotional poster on the window for 5 Bull City BUCK$.
  • ORDER the #eatvotelove dish – the server should know, but if not – let us know!
  • SCAN. Ask to scan the Bull City BUCK$ QR code which your server should provide, to earn 30 BUCK$.
  • SHARE. Snap a photo of the dish and share your experience both on Facebook or Twitter, and on the LOVE restaurant page. You will be entered to win a Go2Pro if your photo is selected (see below). You’ll need to tag us and use #eatvotelove #bcvc and be sure the photo does not have privacy restrictions. If it’s not public, we can’t see it.
  • VOTE once you feel confident in the “best in” categories listed below fill out your ballot. If we get 100 or more votes, we’re making a donation to Hayti Heritage Center. This is not a scientific survey but we highly encourage that you try as many competing restaurants/dishes as possible – both for the restaurants involved and for your enjoyment!
  • PRIZES. Earn prizes for voting, sharing photos, and more – see below! We’ve got prizes that would make Ed McMahon jealous (were he still, um, here).

What are the voting categories I’m voting on?

  • I love every part of you: Best overall LOVE conveyed by main dish and dessert.
  • Love at first sight: Best looking.
  • Best surprise: Chefs win for deception in hidden ingredients.*
  • Sweetest love: Best dessert.

The link to vote is now live, here! Try to sample as many entries as you can before voting – there are 6 amazing dishes and more than enough love to go around. If 100 or more participants vote, we will make a donation to Durham’s Hayti Heritage Center in honor of Black History Month. Share widely!

What does Bull City BUCK$ have to do with this? How do I earn BUCK$?

Bull City BUCK$ is a co-sponsor of this year’s Vegan Challenge. Each time you visit a participating restaurant and order their competition LOVE dish, you can scan the QR code for 30 BUCK$ (once/day per restaurant). You can also scan the QR code for Bull City BUCK$ on the Vegan Love Challenge posters around town daily to earn 5 BUCK$. Get the Bull City BUCK$ app on your iPhone or Android so you can learn more and earn or redeem your BUCK$.

Don’t forget:
please take the Meatless Monday pledge and encourage your friends and family to join you! (New pledgers can earn 30 BUCK$! from Triangle Meatless Monday)

OK, great. But what can I win?

By voting, you are entered to win one of the following prizes:

  • Best photo: Go2Pro camera (tag #eatvotelove #bcvc)
  • Most Bull City BUCK$ challenge points earned (3 winners)
  • Most LOVE on social media: 6-meal package from local chef Maggie’s Conscious Vegan Cuisine (tag #eatvotelove #bcvc)
  • Random love: A randomly selected voting participant will win two 50-minute personal wellness coaching sessions with Louis Vitiello, Jr.

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We are thankful to our prize sponsors and #eatvotelove volunteers. Learn more about and support them here!

And what about the great chefs who toiled for us?

We cannot forget the chefs – the most important ingredient to the contest! Participating chefs are eligible to win:

  • Best overall: article in the Indy Weekly following the challenge with a recipe of the winning dish.
  • Best looking dish: Interview on Plant-Based Life podcast with Louis Vitello, Jr. and a copy of Great Chefs Cook Vegan, a mouthwatering cookbook by Linda Long.
  • Best surprise ingredient: Vegan cookbook and a Vegan event will be organized at your restaurant.
  • Best dessert: Whole Foods gift card
  • Each chef will also receive a voucher for a tub of Roots hummus.

Share your Love Challenge photos with us on Facebook and Twitter at @bc_vc and use the hashtags #EatVoteLove and #bcvc – and share in the comments section below! Your feedback is encouraged!

Brought to you through an affair between Bull City BUCK$, Bull City Vegan Challenge, and Triangle (Loves) Meatless Mondays. To see a list of all our sponsors, go here.

Voting link:

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